I visited Boleskine a few weeks ago. It happened to be first truly warm and sunny weekend, just after the Spring Equinox. I did some sound recordings to capture the ambience and atmosphere of the place.

resized_DSCF3135Boleskine Power Station (click to listen)


Boleskine Forest Brook (click to listen)


Boleskine Ambience (click to listen)


Woodpecker at Boleskine (click to listen)


Dawn Chorus at Loch Ness (click to listen)

Bikes on Loch Ness (click to listen)



3 thoughts on “Boleskine

  1. We miss you too Trace. Hell, maybe we will also gather together the time and money to visit East Anglia in the not too distant future. I’ve been wanting to so show Dana my old haunts in Norwich. May as well make it a mini KIA gathering when we do so. But it will also be good to have you up in the highlands again…

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