About the artist



Dana Varahi.


Sound and music has been my life long passions. I studied Media at The University of the West of England and during my degree I developed an interest in recording and creating soundscapes. It was during my second year when I purchased an old MCR recorder and microphone that university was giving away at an exceptionally low price.

DSCF0537Although this particular kit was intended to be used for recording interviews it travelled with me ever since. Most my work has been recorded with it. After using it for few years I decided to replace it with a smaller portable, stereo recorder.

The need for it became apparent one cold day on Isle of Skye when after walking up the dark cliffs of the Quiraing myself and my husband came across a raven perched on a top of a rock. Its deep, low call was crisp clear and so evocative. My recorder was not with me that day. It was too big and heavy to take on such excursion. I purchased my new recorder at the end of 2013 and it has been serving me very well.


Meanwhile I have been experimenting with creating musical pieces using my clay bongo drum and mixing existing Glen Faramach recordings. I intend to spend more time developing my music and possibly creating more complex instrumental pieces involving sound recordings.