About the project

Name Glen Faramach means Noisy Valley in Gaelic language. Valleys attract life in its many forms and gather its sounds. These sounds flow into the valley just like water that creates them. Many valleys form natural amphitheatres, amplifying the communications of its inhabitants and visitors. This project aims to be the ear in the center of the earth’s amphitheatre that gather all the sounds flowing into it, amplify and preserve them.

Each place has its unique acoustics, unique creatures living and passing bye, unique atmosphere. To record a moment in space time means to immortalise it and allow it to be shared and experienced over and over again by anyone who wishes to do so. The resulting audio brings the listener close to the spirits inhabiting those spaces.

Human spirit being a part of nature should not be banished from those spaces but occupy them in harmony with others. Glen Faramach sound art expresses this by including the sounds of human activity instead of mechanically removing them to create a false sense of ‘pristine wilderness’.

We might not notice but the sound of our world constantly changes. Some species go extinct and new are born, technologies become abandoned and replaced, places become transformed at all times. As we change so does our sound. To record a wave produced by the lifes activity and replay it in your living room means to be connected to the events and the place without having to travel in space and in time. This can not fall short of the name magic. 

These records can be used in mystical and magickal workings, meditation, relaxation and simply as a pleasant background to everyday life. They will open a different dimension whenever you play them.

The most recent project by Glen Faramach involves combining the nature sounds with drumming to create a musical pieces.

All Glen Faramach sound recordings are released under

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 licence