Winter Birds

We have a lot of snow falling this winter and keeping the birds well fed seem more important than ever. It feels wonderful to observe how they fly all over the garden, chase each other and search for seed, suet and mealworm under the snow.

Last Thursday a flock of fieldfares payed a visit to nibble on the berries. They arrived in a huge flock and I could not help but open the window to listen out for their calls.


As you listen imagine soft, thick layer of snow, cold, dry air smelling of pine and frost and bright red berries disappearing in the sharp beaks of the birds.

The chirping of sparrows  dominates  but fieldfares still can be heard.

Play Winter Birds.

On the personal note, fieldfares remind me of Kraków. I see a lot of them in the parks all around the city when I visit. They occasionally visit my garden here in Scotland but never before in such numbers. The day I did this recording was special for me. I learned that my Grandad (who lived in Kraków) passed away. He loved watching and feeding birds, something I’ve got from him. The day of his death this huge flock arrived in the garden and many fieldfares sat on the trees surrounding my house. It happened only this one time and felt truly moving and mystical. Slavic folklore associates birds with ancestors. Birds carry messages from the dead and help to travel to the underworld.


Sounds of Autumn

In autumn birds begin to travel in search for food. Migrations begin and if you observe nature carefully you will notice different birds becoming more prominent in your surroundings.

In this recording you can hear Robins that become more territorial as the food becomes scarce. Flock of geese fly south towards Loch Ness in search of new feeding grounds and blackbirds having their disputes.

One October night when the leafs began falling and an owl sated on a branch of a tall tree  was hooting till dawn.

Autumn morning on the edge of a city with crows beginning to forage and dispute.

Troll Birds project

I just started working on a new project I call Troll Birds.  At the moment it only constitutes 3 tracks of music made with a single drum and a lot of bird recordings done for Glen Faramach. I hope to develop this further, especially my drumming skills. I loose rhythm very quickly so I recorded myself and then selected small section of drumming that was good and looped it in audacity.

Here you can enjoy the tunes!

Troll Birds