Sounds of Autumn

In autumn birds begin to travel in search for food. Migrations begin and if you observe nature carefully you will notice different birds becoming more prominent in your surroundings.

In this recording you can hear Robins that become more territorial as the food becomes scarce. Flock of geese fly south towards Loch Ness in search of new feeding grounds and blackbirds having their disputes.

One October night when the leafs began falling and an owl sated on a branch of a tall tree  was hooting till dawn.

Autumn morning on the edge of a city with crows beginning to forage and dispute.

Troll Birds project

I just started working on a new project I call Troll Birds.  At the moment it only constitutes 3 tracks of music made with a single drum and a lot of bird recordings done for Glen Faramach. I hope to develop this further, especially my drumming skills. I loose rhythm very quickly so I recorded myself and then selected small section of drumming that was good and looped it in audacity.

Here you can enjoy the tunes!

Troll Birds


Isle of Skye and Storm Nemo albums

Finally my recordings from February are available to listen! While staying on Isle of Skye,  I not only had a chance to record couple of displaying ravens, Hebridean Song Thrush and mystical Mealt Falls, I also had  a unique chance of recording the Winter Storm Nemo going pass the island. If you love wind and want to evoke its energy listen to it! The recordings of the storm make such a strong impression that I decided to make them into a separate album. The wind energy prevails in Isle of Skye album as well. Especially tracks recorded at Mealt Falls with the wind going through the pipes and playing a most lovecraftian tune!

Isle of Skye

Storm Nemo


Mealt Falls, Isle Of Skye, Scotland.