Magick of the wind

2013 has been a windy year here in the U.K. I spent New Year in Plymouth and I went for an early evening walk to Barbican and small sailing boat marina on New Years Eve. It was very windy and cold but I felt urge to be by the sea. I am glad I had my new portable recorder with me because the sound in there was amazing. Wind singing in the masts, waves splashing on the pebbly shores, clinking of the boats… It was an orchestra played by the sea wind and the harbour witnessed by very few people. I went down to the sea and put my hand in the water to greet the spirit of the winter storm and thank it for this amazing experience and for the recording.

When I was arriving back home first droplets of rain began falling. I went to the top of the old Victorian house I was staying in. There is a sheltered laundry area on the roof and I stayed there listening to wind and rain.